Infrared Sauna Therapy

Harnessing the healing power of the sun.

Infrared light begins in nature and is perfected by technology. During an infrared sauna session, you get all the healthy, healing benefits of the sun, without any of the harmful rays.


We feel infrared’s healing rays on our skin as warmth. These rays are absorbed by our bodies to help them detoxify, relax, improve circulation, recover faster, sleep better, age well, and just help us feel good. This activity in our bodies is evidenced by the three-degree increase in our core body temperature during a 30-minute infrared sauna. This increase unleashes a wealth of benefits to our health.

Connexus Clinic uses the most advanced infrared sauna technology available – the Sunlighten® system., the leading brand in infrared.

The science behind infrared healing.

The sun emits a wide spectrum of light, most of which can’t be seen. Infrared is the invisible light just outside the prism, accounting for 52-55 percent of all sunlight. Infrared light is all the good parts of the sun’s healing light.


Scientists describe infrared as a safe, gentle form that brings many good, healthy things to earth and human beings. The energy it delivers is just the right nudge cells need to stimulate warmth, growth, and release.


Infrared sauna therapy puts deep, abiding wellness within your reach.

detoxification (1)


Sweat out the toxins. Sweating is one of the body’s safest and most natural ways to heal and maintain good health by helping to eliminate toxic heavy metals, drug residues, and hormone disruptors. With the deepest penetration, infrared light helps increase blood flow and perspiration.

weight loss

Weight Loss

Increase metabolism and burn fat. Increasing core body heat increases calorie burn, similar to exercise. Infrared saunas also help with the elimination of toxins that cause fat storage.

heart health

Heart Health

Improve heart health. Infrared therapy can help your heart work better by exercising the heart, temporarily reducing blood pressure, and improving circulation.

anti aging


Purify and rejuvenate your skin. Harness a scientifically proven “fountain of youth” and revitalize your skin’s appearance. Far infrared waves increase circulation and detoxify the skin, helping regenerate and cleanse cells.



Heating the body from inside can improve the function of the immune system just like a fever can. Therefore, regular infrared sauna use can help reduce the incidences of cold and flu, or help you recover faster from illness.

muscle recovery

Muscle Recovery

Repair muscles faster. Many professional athletes use infrared saunas to recover from their training and injuries. Infrared helps deliver more oxygen to cells for faster repair and pain relief.

Wellness is within your reach!
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Three Waves, Multiple Health Benefits

Infrared has three types of waves, based on wave size, frequency, and the amount of energy they carry: Near (NIR), Mid (MIR) and Far (FIR). Though tiny pinpoint-size waves, each infrared ray has its own unique benefits, both in our bodies and in nature. does something beautifully unique for our bodies, and nature.

Anti-Aging, Skin Health,
Muscle Recovery

Near Infrared (NIR)


  • Closest to visible light
  • Penetrates skin’s outermost epidermis layer
  • Shortest wavelength (700 to 1200 nanometers)
  • Delivers most energy (like tiny dogs)
  • Photobiomodulation/ low level light therapy (LLLT) used in cosmetic and healing devices
  • Triggers plants to use chlorophyll to convert light into tissue


  • Recharges cell mitochondria
  • Helps reduce body fat
  • Regenerates cells
  • Reduces inflammation & pain
  • Promotes faster wound healing
  • Increases collagen production/anti-aging
Heart Health, Circulation, Pain Relief, Muscle Recovery

Mid Infrared (MIR)


  • Located between near and far
  • Mid-range wavelength (1.4 to 7 microns)
  • Penetrates body’s soft tissue where inflammation occurs
  • Hardest IR to reproduce; used for sensory tools in various industries


  • Improves blood flow and circulation
  • Reduces joint and muscle pain
  • Penetrates inflamed or injured soft tissue to trigger rapid healing
Detoxification, Heart Health, Weight Loss, Immunity, General Wellness, Relaxation, Muscle Recovery

Far Infrared (FIR)


  • Located farthest from visible light
  • Longest wavelength (7-14 microns)
  • Penetrates deepest into body (up to 1.5 inches/4 cm)
  • Doesn’t warm the air; instead sends energy into objects
  • Absorbed and experienced as gentle, radiant heat
  • Safely, gently improves health at the cellular level
  • Human bodies also emit FIR energy, used in healing since ancient times (ex. Reiki)


• Raises core body temp 3°, which unleashes a wealth of health benefits
• Stimulates sweat glands for deep detoxifying sweat
• Energizes and revitalizes, not draining heat
• Triggers cell rejuvenation

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